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Description & Usage of NVLiTE - a secure, menu-driven nVIDIA video driver reduction script.

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[ Updates ], also see Changelog

2007-10-09: v2.182
  • more code revised :)
  • added that only those files (Setup and miscellaneous) which exist in the folder, will be processed (speed enhancement)

Also I added a log while running NVLiTE. After quitting NVLiTE, open the log to review which files were removed. Have a preview sneak here: Text Download Icon Logfile for v163.69 VISTA processed with NVLiTE (1.209 bytes)
Compared to v2.119 and the interim release v2.141 there is not much left from the original code. The language selection screen and the final deletion of all unneeded localized files is still a work in progress as this also needs to be majorly rewritten now with the main code totally revised.
(FINAL yet to be released this month... or year)

2007-10-08: v2.180
  • code enhancements: SETUP, MISC FILES, OS determination, USER INPUT, CP and Driver recognition
  • lots of other stuff still to do
  • (FINAL yet to be released this month... or year)
2007-10-03: v2.170
  • refined recognition of XP and VISTA drivers
  • refined recognition of new INF/driver versioning scheme
  • added recognition of new, old or hybrid CP files
  • added Infofield for CP flavour
  • added repair of blunders that might happen with OEM, NVIDIA or website releases
  • minor changes to GUI
  • lots of other stuff still to do
2007-09-26: Huge increase in downloads

Yesterday the old version 2.116 was downloaded 12.805 times, today 13.847!? Same with old 2.119 which was downloaded 2.958 times yesterday and today 4.181!? 1000 downloads each within 24 hours is weird as the new enhanced version is out since 2 weeks. Who is spreading old news here?

2007-09-11: v2.141 (36.040 bytes)

(needs Password: LaptopVideo2Go.com/NVLiTE)
Regard this as interim release. Vista language files still cannot be deleted as it needs INF modification. I try to think of how I can implement it into NVLiTE properly for the average Joe to understand. Need to work on it, but nevertheless i decided to make this release downloadable as it has some enhancement over the previous version: VISTA and XP/VISTA drivers and also versions above 99.99 are now properly recognized (read changelog).

2007-09-05: v2.135 (37.843 bytes)

(yet to be released this month... or year)

2007-08-24: Page Maintenance

Added the no-www.org logo, as we are!

2007-08-17/18: v2.131 (37.483 bytes)

(yet to be released this month... or year)

2007-08-12: Page Maintenance

As you may have noticed, we are trying hard to recover step by step from the hoster's HD crash that happened a few weeks ago plus the new LaptopVideo2Go frontpage needs this page to be edited to fit the design:

- The download links for both NVLiTE .ZIPs are working again.
- Also the Donate page link has changed due to the new frontpage Chris designed.
- Restored valid XHTML 1.0 Strict! after complete page code overhaul (Thanks Chris for the .PHP solution)
- completely outsourced changelog from this page.

2007-01-14: Fixed Guest downloading in NViSiON Forum
Download -without Forum registration- is possible again.

2007-01-03: Happy New Years for everyone and minor updates for this page
Added a hint that due to our forum upgrade it's not anymore longer possible to directly download from this page without beeing registered at our NViSiON Forum. Get the cookie (register) and then you get the files without hassle. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Now all dates are consistent with ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD).
- Added a note that NVLiTE is probably not compatible to VISTA.
- Restored valid XHTML 1.0 Strict! which got lost at some time in 2005.

2006-03-18: NVIDIA's v84.21 WHQL International Release NVLiTE Reduction Test
Nothing new concerning development of NVLiTE.cmd. It's just stable, bugfree and pretty well does it's job for the hundreds of NVIDIA drivers released so far. One thing i still have in mind is the decompression issue of XP. Need to figure what is causing this.
For now (without compression) using NVLiTE reduces the original NV release of 84.21 from 61.119.788 bytes to a whooping 17.005.661 bytes leaving only english language files in the dir :-). The compression was a nice to have feature and would reduce the driver again about 50%.

[ Features / Intention and Goal ]

What does NVLiTE offer you and why you may want to slim your nVIDIA driver

NVLiTE features the most compatible and smallest driver size when integrating a nVIDIA driver in a slipstreamed 2K/XP CD without loosing native XP installation ability. Useful if you need to integrate the (mobile or desktop) NVIDIA driver into your XP or 2000 unattended installation CD (using nLite from nuhi@MSFN) and need more space while filling up the nLite CD with other software.

NVLiTE will reduce the original driver size up to 82% (v67.66) without danger or loosing a tiny bit of functionality by:
- deleting all SETUP files (if you use the "Have Disk method" from out of the DeviceManager these aren't needed anymore)
- additionally checking for special files which sometimes come with drivers and giving you the choice to delete them
- automatically compressing (if you wish) of the left-over files for maximum benefit to a format which is still recognized by Windows XP or 2000. Which means when you like to install a driver treated by NVLiTE there's no need to do any extra steps except JUST installing the driver.

Your HD does not get cluttered anymore with 27x4 different language files (supported languages of nVIDIA drivers) you don't need. Your %WINDIR%\system32 and %WINDIR%\HELP directories stay clean. There are 4 types of localization files which eat up space and will be deleted with NVLiTE.

v66.31 WHQL MultiLanguage example:
-> 53.058.582 bytes - original NVIDIA release
-> 9.189.151 bytes - after treatment with NVLiTE
-> a 5th of the original size is possible (SETUP files and all languages except English ripped out)

If you regularly use HD IMAGE software like DriveImage or Ghost, you save time and IMAGE size by avoiding unnecessary files.
Defragmentation is finished sooner, due to less files being moved or get fragmented.
This is a must use tool if you run a remote install over a Network.

No installation of miscellaneous, unneeded or unneccessary localization files; both Setup.exe (if Setup files were choosen not to delete) and "Have Disk method/DeviceManager" will install the driver without any problems.
Only the language you really speak, use or want is kept and will be installed later.

Idiot-proof usage
Nothing is deleted or changed without your permission.
At any stage you can just quit.
User Input query forgives wrong input, so you not only get a second chance, but unlimited tries (like in the good old days of Peeks and Pokes).
Just put the NVLiTE.cmd batch file in your NVIDIA driver folder and process it. Everything is scripted to use only Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Professional and Windows VISTA default Operating System files. No other .EXE, .DLL or other software is needed to successfully run NVLiTE.

Extensive Checks
NVLiTE has a WrongFolder check integrated, means it will not further process if you haven't placed it correctly inside a NVIDIA graphic card driver folder.
Since v1.410 i added a check which Regional setting is currently used by the Operating System and therefore a suggestion appears which language should be kept.
NVLiTE automatically checks and presents in a clearly arranged menu which languages are available and therefore actually possible to keep, or in other words which localized files are present in the driver release.

After the NVLiTE treatment and even after compression the driver is FULLY installable and usable by Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
NVLiTE can be used under the following OS: Windows 2000, XP and 2003. VISTA in all flavours is not tested by me and therefore not supported.
The compression format is generic, which means that again there's no need for additional steps or to fiddle around with other software to achieve installation compatibility for the Operating System, just install the driver with the Driver Update Function in the DeviceManager ("Have-Disk-Method") or use the Setup.exe (if not ripped out).
All NVIDIA Control Panel tabs will be active (according to the settings in the INF) after installation and not a wee bit is missing in the driver functionality.

[ Screenshots / Usage ]

step by step

Extract NVLiTE.cmd file from the .ZIP archive and copy it into your nVIDIA driver folder.

Process (doubleclick) NVLiTE.cmd
Although i implemented a comprehensive "wrong folder check", i advise you:

You will be asked if you want to rip out the Setup files.
Answer y(es) or n(o).
NVLiTE Screenshot 1

You will be asked, if you want to rip out the localization files.
If answer is y(es), it asks you which language to keep.
Type in the appropriate number.
Don't ask what the difference is between "UK English" and "English only".
I don't know ;)
NVLiTE Screenshot 2

You will be asked if you want to compress the remaining files.
Answer (y)es for maximum benefit.
Please be patient for a moment and wait until the compression is finished.
NVLiTE Screenshot 3

[ Known Limitations / Prerequisites / Disclaimer ]

Things you need to know BEFORE usage of NVLiTE

NVLiTE was developed before VISTA existed - and i don't have the time and nerve to test the proper functionality of all commands within VISTA as i don't have VISTA installed. As of 2007-09-11 with the release of NVLiTE v2.141, Windows VISTA, Server 2003 and Server 2008 support was added. If Microsoft kept the commands intact and only added more switches instead of changing or renaming the preexisting ones, everything should be fine.

Please keep in mind that your selection which language to KEEP, should match with the Regional Setting your Operating System uses.
Unless you want an english NV driver install, which is default if the driver/setup cannot find the matching language (used by your OS's Regional Setting) in the nVIDIA driver folder, i recommend you to choose a language that comes close to the one you use in your Operating Sytem.

NVLiTE can be used to slim down any standard NVIDIA graphic-card driver released for NT, 9x, ME, 2K, XP 32bit, XP 64bit, VISTA 32bit and VISTA 64bit.

It might be possible that a driver cannot for the life of it be processed by NVLiTE. This non-functionality might occur if a driver is missing a file vital for NVLiTE to proper recognize the driver and correct folder. It's very unlikely, but i noticed it with v70.81 and in the future there might be more changes done by NVIDIA, that can affect the proper usage if NVLiTE. If this happens, i would be glad, if you leave a a message in this dedicated LaptopVideo2Go NVLiTE thread.

I got reminded that people actually still use 4x.xx drivers (Thanks to guest "janerik"!). An installation of a NVLiTE'd driver (especially with ripped out localisation files) from the Pre v53.00 generation, will result in a pop-up of error windows during the installation, because the INF still contains all information about the localisation files, but due to the deletion of those can't find it.
So now i included a check for these old-school drivers and NVLiTE will not proceed if it detects such.

Disclaimer for NVLiTE
NVLiTE will quit when used on Windows NT, 9X and ME driven-computers as precaution.
The reason is: i can't test batch commands and the correct behaviour of NVLiTE in these OS environments as i don't have these OSs installed.
Some commands -if not most- are not usable in 9x and NT and this will lead to malfunction of NVLiTE.
Proper functionality (when used according to the instructions) was thouroughly tested and given with Windows 2000, XP and Windows 2003.


This software is provided "as is".
You act on your own responsibility by using NVLiTE and i can't and will not be held responsible for any data loss that might occur.

[ Download ]

it's portable, small, free and usefull

ZIP Download Icon NVLiTE v2.115 (8.127 bytes) | 178 downloads

ZIP Download Icon NVLiTE v2.116 (8.127 bytes) | 13.856 downloads

ZIP Download Icon NVLiTE v2.119 (7.857 bytes) | 4.187 downloads

7-ZIP Download Icon download NVLiTE v2.141 (7.639 bytes) | 296 downloads

Text Download Icon download NVLiTE Changelog (25.336 bytes)

Donate for NVLiTE for the LaptopVideo2Go team

Other, comparable tools for NVIDIA driver reduction:
download NVIDIA Localisation Cleaner v1.0: deletes all localisation files and leaves English files only (no selection) (courtesy of Excessive-Software.eu.tt)

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