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In June of 2003, Pieter (mobilenvidia) started to host modified INFs for laptops, while Chris (Teraphy) hosted nVision (April 2003) on a free server with ads. The website was on a 10MB server that came with Pieter's dialup account. In February 2004 we moved the website and the forum to Laptopvideo2go.com We started out on a 250MB server, which quickly filled up to 750MB. This also quickly filled up and the bandwidth took a big jump to 2.25GB. Since August 2005, we have shifted to another faster server and now gobble up just over 4GB of webspace. The bandwidth is our biggest concern as this needs to be paid for when you reach the 100s of GB per month.

We are paying out of our pocket for the registration of both the website and forum license, also ADSL costs to get the drivers onto the server. If you feel you have gotten some benificial service out of this site, and can afford a wee donation to help out, we will most happily receive it. Any money received will only be used to enhance this site, we only want to have the site pay for itself.

Below are some links to Paypal, this is the safest way to transfer money world wide. If any problems occur or you have suggestions create a thread on the forum.

Thank you in advance, this place is here for you guys, and any help is appreciated. For those that have donated a big thanks, you have helped to improve this site. If you are interested in reading about us in more detail head over to the LaptopVideo2Go and nVision team thread.