Welcome to LaptopVideo2Go.com, home of the modified INFs and all known nVidia GPU drivers. Here we specialize in hosting nVidia based graphic card driver files and corresponding modified INFs to allow all nVidia based GPUs to be able to use them.

Since the very beginning in 2003 we offer the driver and modified INF as a separate download. This is so you guys have a choice in whether to have the driver in it’s original form as found by us or apply the modified INF to unlock the hidden features.

For the modified INF, we here at LaptopVideo2Go.com, take no responsibility for any damage or harm caused to your computer in downloading and using our drivers and/or modified INFs. The modified INFs do NOT have any tweaks that modify the power usage, performance or anything that would create more heat/power from the GPU. Modified INF supplied here are for unlocking hidden pages and settings only. Also no reverse engineering or modifying was done by us to the driver files.

The enhancer page allows performance and/or quality tweaks to also be applied to the modded INF, these tweaks only modify what can also be done with the control panel sliders.

What we are basically saying is:
You use the modified INF and corresponding driver at your own risk, with everything in life you take a risk in delving with things modified. Also nVidia probably are not going to want to know about any support for a driver not meant for your GPU (ie not included in original INF)

Now for nVidia lawyers that have made it this far. We host drivers found on the web, we do not leak files given to us from nVidia employees. The Internet is an international public place, so when a driver is found here and it’s not meant to be, please do not blame us, the leaker is at fault and it should not have been leaked in the first place for us to find. We can however pull a driver from the public should it be sensitive to an early release/leak. Just let us know.

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